Yarn crazy

20130318-185242.jpgI find it so hard to resist buying yarn.  I am so tempted when I see the gorgeous colours in yarn shop.  I am almost a collector now of beautiful yarn that I have no idea what to make with.  Have you ever bought yarn just for the yarn without having a project in mind?  Sometimes I just buy one of two skeins without knowing what it will be good for.  I just know it’s good.  That strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.  On one hand, I always have a supply of beautiful yarn so when I get inspired for a project, all I have to do is choose which yarn to use.  On the other hand though, I may end up not having enough for a project because I only bought one skein.  If you don’t buy enough of the same dye lot, then you might have differences in colour.

So now I have all that yarn and I am trying to figure our what to knit with it.  Especially considering that summer is coming, it’s hard to get motivated to knit something warm.  I should just go back to the yarn shop and look for something more summer-y 😀

My favourite yarn shop is Shan’s Needlework.  Shan is such a special lady.  Always smiling and friendly.  I like going there just to look and to have a chat with her.  Here’s her website:



2 responses to “Yarn crazy

  1. I am just the same – my stash is full of odd skeins and balls of beautiful yarns that I couldn’t resist. I probably have enough yarn to last a couple of years at least – and my husband believes I shouldn’t buy any more until I have knitted up some of what I have got – this baffles me, I do not understand at all! 🙂

    Sadly my addiction was fed yesterday by the arrival of a prize I won from a knitting magazine – their monthly give-away – I won 66 balls of yarn. My family are horrified, and I just want to put it all on the floor and roll around on it!

    • CONGRATULATIONS on winning a prize!! Whoohoo!! I’m so thrilled for you!

      I know what you mean about buying yarn. When I buy yarn my hubby always asks me: “What this one going to be? What’s that one going to be?” 🙂 He’s surprised when I say: “I don’t know yet” Haha 😀

      But he understands. I am a stay-at-home mom so he knows I need a hobby to keep me entertained. 😆 I just love going into a yarn shop and touching all the different yarns and going home with some of them. How wrong can that be???!?!? 😉


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