Freshly baked bread

While I knit, I think about baking.  While I bake, I think about knitting. Hm… 😆


5 responses to “Freshly baked bread

    • Thank you! :))) I am a big fan of breads all kinds of baked goodies. I have my moments when I get inspired and I can’t stop baking 😀 Then I have another moment when I can’t stop knitting 😆

      This bread is very simple:
      1/2 kg all purpose flour
      1/2 tbs dry yeast
      a pinch of salt
      a pinch of sugar
      1 egg white (leave the yolk aside to brush on top before baking)
      luke warm water

      Place flour in a large bowl to allow space for kneading. Make a little well in the middle and place the yeast in the well. Pour a little warm water and start dissolving the yeast with your fingers. Add water as you include the flour. Add the egg white, salt and sugar and knead until dough is soft but not sticky. Add water or flour to make it softer or harder. When the dough is ready, place in a greased bread baking pan*, cover with a towel and leave to rise. When ready, brush the yolk on top and sprinkle sesame seeds (optional). Bake until top is golden. Do not overbake as it will get too dry.
      *I use a glass baking pan and that allows me to see the colour of the sides as the bread is baking.

      • Thanks so much! I’ll try it on the weekend.
        When I was expecting I was called the mad baker because I didn’t stop baking. Several loaves every day : )
        I’ve calmed down a bit now but I love bread so much. We moved house recently and there just isn’t good bread to be had locally so I bake more again. Plus try to persuade anyone who is interested to open a proper bakery. And bake sourdough. Yum!!

      • I would open a bakery any time 🙂 Wish we were in the same area 🙂 Where are you located?
        Let me know how the bread turns out if you get a chance to make it. I’ve always been more of a baker than a cook. And some of my recipes are several generations old given to me by my grandma. And they are soo soooo good 😀


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