Teapot Sweater

Here’s what I’m working on today. I’ve been meaning to make this teapot “sweater” for a long time. So I hope it turns out well. I’ll post a pic of the finished project with the original pattern and my modifications. For some reason the rich yellow that I am using didn’t come up well in my pictures. They just don’t do justice when it comes to the real colour. I’ll try to find a better lighting next time. I took the first picture outside in natural light so it’s the closest I could get to it.

UPDATE: Ok I admit it.  This one didn’t turn out as pretty as the original pattern (log in needed or you can see the picture here).  The reason is that I modified it quite a bit to fit my teapot.  Another mistake I made was choosing yarn that was way too thick.  So the scale was not the same.  I’d recommend you follow the original pattern.  It will result in what you see in the original picture.  Oh well… the good thing is, I used a left over skien of yarn that had been sitting around for too long.  Now I just have to find a little bee to attach to it. 🙂


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