Newborn baby booties

This pattern is so simple that when I was done I went back to read the instructions in case I missed something.  You have probably seen these particular baby booties a thousand times.  It was my first time to make them.  Today we’re going to a baby shower and last night I decided to knit something simple last minute.  Well… was that easy or what?!  It took me exactly 30 min start to finish.

The pattern is on the Bernat website.  It asks you to log in in order to see the patterns but the registration is really easy and you can go back any time for great ideas later.  So it’s worth registering.  The pattern doesn’t have laces but I like to add them as babies like to pull their socks/booties off.  I added them by a simple yarn over stitch and K2tog to create the holes.  I’m thinking of making these is all kinds of colours and just giving them away 😀



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