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2013-09-27 17.13.38If you would like to participate in the Warm Babies Initiative, please fill the form below.  Feel free to spread the word and make sure you link to this page so your fans and followers can see it too.
Here’s the full address of the link:



5 responses to “Join the initiative

  1. i would love to help you with this as then I could have a knitting buddy for a project, however as I am in the UK I would be unable to get the items over to you 😦

    • Thank you for your willingness to participate. Perhaps you can help indirectly by donating to a local charity? Or even hospital. They are always in need for newborn baby clothes. I found this forum thread that has some ideas for the UK. Hope it helps 🙂
      Again, thank you for the thought. 🙂 I’m sure there are babies in your community who will greatly benefit from your generosity.
      Please keep me posted on what you have found out 🙂

      • Hi, I am currently in the process of doing a knit for my local hospital for premature/still born babies 🙂 Just started a blanket for them now and then will move on to the clothes later on 🙂 Also still doing the big knit for next year and knitting for my local cat rescue centre 🙂

      • That’s awesome!! Great job! 🙂 Please share your photos and story. I’d love to post it on my blog. If you don’t mind of course 🙂


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