Nothing like the smell of home-made bread

I love baking.  You probably know that by now.  🙂

I had heard of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes but I had never tried it because I thought it was just another way to simplify the process of making yummy bread.  However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I used their basic simple recipe to make a loaf and it turned out great.  I even made 1/2 the dose because I thought it might be a big failure.  After I took it out of the oven, I wished I had made the whole recipe.  It is so delicious.  Fluffy and light but has substance.  It’s perfect toasted with butter or in sandwiches.  You have to try it.  The best thing of all?  It’s very easy to make.  Here’s the recipe.  You will notice that my bread looks quite different from the pictures on the website.  That’s because I decided to knead it longer (my old habits kicked in) but if you follow the instructions exactly, you will end up with bread that looks like you just bought it in a French bakery. 🙂



18 responses to “Nothing like the smell of home-made bread

  1. looks yummy 😀 I Make a bread too that takes about 5 minutes to prepare too and then just 2 hours of waiting for it to do its stuff. Its yummy with a little black pepper added to it and also herbs 🙂 We just have ours toasted 😀

  2. I bought the 5 Minute book a few years ago and make our families bread several times a week. We do many varieties. I like to make it with fresh basil and roasted garlic in the dough, or rolled up into a challah with dried cranberries, cinnamon sugar and walnuts, the basic dough recipe is so versatile you can really play with it. Have fun experimenting!

    • That’s great. I think that I need some more practice to get the consistency right. My dough turns out too runny even after it rises so I have to see how to make it look more like the authors’ dough. Any tips?
      I follow the instructions and ingredients exactly btw but still don’t get the same results.

      • I follow the measurements pretty exactly but depending on if I’m using all unbleached white flour or a little wheat (2 cups out of every 6 1/2) I sometimes have to add a little more flour, or I’ll throw in up to a half a cup of wheat germ to thicken, you want all the dough wet but not runny, it should be a shaggy dough mass- stir/work dough with a big spoon just till all mixed no more! Then after your initial rise and subsequent chill in the bowl, you’ll make a ball to rise for baking, in this step work dough as little as possible – resist the urge to Knead! The steam while baking should Never be skipped that is the key to the crust that crackles!

      • Thank you for the good advice. I’m making one tomorrow so I’ll make sure I incorporate it… although that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing with the exception of adding more flour to thicken it. I’ve been using all-purpose flour.

  3. I use the same recipe and my family loves it. It’s a great starter recipe. I love how it starts to take on the sourdough taste towards the end of the week. I’m baking tomorrow and can’t wait.

    • It really IS a great recipe. I love baking (more than cooking) 😉 and I usually do really good breads. But sometimes I need something real quick so we can have a fresh loaf at the table for dinner. With two kids under the age of 2, I find this recipe to be perfect as it takes such a short time to prep and bake.
      Enjoy your bread tomorrow 🙂

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