Autopilot blanket

After so much Christmas knitting I needed a project that didn’t involve counting stitches, rows & lines. In other words I needed to be on autopilot for a while. So I went back to the baby blanket I started some time ago. It’s been a long project as I never find the time to work on it. Well this is my chance 🙂

I love this raspberry 100% pure new wool. Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Currant colour
I have 6 balls and currently I’m using the 4th in this blanket. I’m thinking of using 5 and make a small pillow with the 6th.



17 responses to “Autopilot blanket

    • I use the most simple basic stitch of crocheting. And every 10 stitches I alternate adding one and deducting one. That’s how you get the chevron pattern. 🙂

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