rolls ‘n hearts

I have found so many uses of the simple Artisan Bread in 5 min.  From a simple loaf of bread that makes great sandwiches, to pizza crust to french rolls and multiple types of filling… or just plain.  Here are some of these ideas.

You have seen the pizza and loaf of bread in my post “Tonight’s Menu” and “Nothing like the smell of home-made bread“.  The latest loaf I made, I put sesame seeds on top with some dry savory.  The aromas that came out of my oven were heavenly.

Let me tell you about these rolls I made a couple of weeks ago.  Basically, same recipe for the basic artisan bread in 5 min (link above).  I rolled the dough in big circles and cut triangles.  Then I spread some strawberry jam and rolled them.  Here’s a post with a good method of rolling to ensure that the jam doesn’t leak out of the rolls. (btw I only used the rolling method from that recipe, not the ingredients)

I attached the recipe for the rolls as two pictures in the gallery.  The hearts are perogies that I made and I just chose the shape in the spirit of the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day.


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