Chocolate strawberry cupcake

This yarn is so delicious, soft and a pleasure to work with. As you already know this cardigan is one my favourite patterns and I have already made a few of them in different colours.  If you haven’t seen my other posts, I provided a link to the free pattern here.

This time I used a skein from my stash of yarn that I have had for some time now.  Yes, I keep buying more yarn without having used the yarn I already have.  Yes, I buy the yarn without an idea in mind and I just buy it because I like it.  But look at this… almost a year after I bought this yarn, the idea came to me and this pattern is just perfect for it.  Now imagine if I hadn’t bought that yarn a year ago!!!!  That would have been sad. 😉 😉 😉  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The yarn is Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn-Cherry Cola available on (or .com) (affiliate link)

The hat is one of my favourite too.  It’s so nice for a little girl – wavy elegance for a cute little princess.  This time I added some spirals on top that I crocheted using this pattern.  Super easy and it adds a certain playfulness to the hat.



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