Colour and kids

I have received some comments from my shop on Etsy and here on my blog that some of the colours I have used for my knitted items are too bright for kids and babies.  It’s interesting because looking at the general stores for kids, I do see mostly darker colours – dark blue, black, gray, brown.  Of course you see a lot of pink, white, red and green as well but they are usually quite subtle.  I am starting to wonder if these stores really know what sells.  They must know the secret. 🙂

Personally, I have always looked for brighter happier clothes for my kids.  My son has only one pair of sweatpants in black and they have white trimming.  I avoid buying black and dull colours because I do believe that colours affect children’s mood and perception of the world.  I mean we make brightly coloured toys but most children’s clothing is plain and dull.

I have noticed the same thing with clothes for pregnant women.  When I was looking for maternity clothes, all I could find were black, brown, navy colours that were so boring.  Eventually I ended up buying regular clothes in bigger sizes, just to get some colour and joy in my outfits 😀

What is your opinion?  Would you choose brighter coloured clothes and accessories for kids and babies or you prefer more neutral subtle colours?  Please do tell me in your comments.  I am very curious to know what you think.



28 responses to “Colour and kids

  1. I think brighter colors for babies are more popular now than the typical baby colors! Last toddler dress I made & sold was orange with yellow & lime trim! I definitely vote for Brights!

  2. I vote for brights too! 🙂 Brights are so fun and cheerful for kids, and I definitely agree that the colours you’re surrounded by can affect or influence your mood.

  3. I think brights fro kids are great. I have a niece who when allwed to choose goes very bright indeed. And I always have felt sorry for boys – they just have such boring colors to choose from – tan, blue, green, burgundy gray and black. Ugh.

    • Yes, thank you! You’re right – most boys’ colours are pretty boring. I try to get some funky colours for my boys when I can. Not being able to find interesting combinations also motivates me to look for sewing patterns haha I just have to find the time to start making them clothes.

  4. I’ve got an etsy shop and I truly think it’s better if you do what pleases you, than what may or may not sell. In the long run you will get more sales that way, as your stuff will be unique. You can always offer to do a custom item if someone wants a different colour, but don’t change yourself for others, you will end up with stuff that looks like everybody else’s.

      • Thanks for that. Someone gave me a good insight into color at the fleamarket where I used to trade. She said in Northern Europe where it’s cold and grey, they loved bright color, but in countries which had lots of color, they preferred more muted shades. Makes sense, except that I live in South Africa where the weather is usually great most of the time, and we just can’t get enough color. Go figure.

      • That is a great theory! Wow I never thought of it that way. It makes perfect sense. And yet, you are right. I look at my friends in Spain and Italy and they all love bright colours although the weather is fairly warm most of the year. 🙂

  5. Hi – love those little booties. Color definitely affects your mood and perhaps all the bland colors can be calming for little babies? But I also prefer the brighter kids’ clothing – cheers you up. There’s a lot being written about color psychology, it’s quite an interesting topic. But let’s not get started on what color palate looks good with your skin tone. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

    • This is a great point. I hadn’t thought of the calming effects of colours too. Thanks for bringing it up.
      And yes, I agree about skin tone and colour. I have noticed that with my kids. One has slightly darker skin than his brother (who is very pale). And it makes a huge difference.

  6. I voted both depending who I buy for. But when I buy or make for my own family it’s always been bright colours. My mum always used to say to me she wished there had been a choice of bright colours when we were growing up to what is on offer now. Your shop collection is lovely. 🙂

  7. I really like bright colours but not all of them suit every baby I guess. In any case, I hate the blue vs pink thing and I really do not understand why boys should only wear neutral and boring things. And if they are not boring they have ugly mean monsters or scary looking superheros on them.
    In fact, my 2 year old clearly thinks the same and loves wearing his sister’s skirt 🙂

    • I absolutely agree! I think the pink vs. blue is created by the clothing industry so we can buy more clothes. 😀 And you’re right about the monsters/action figures. Don’t get me wrong, my boys love their trucks and cars but they also like flowers and and animals. And there’s nothing wrong with experimenting. That’s why I always like to use bright happy colours.

  8. I agree with all of the above comments, bright colours are great for kids. Mine are all grown ups now so I don’t look at children’s clothes much these days but when they were small I tried to dress them in colourful outfits. I vote colour and follow your own style, it is what makes you who you are.

  9. Everything available commercially is in a limited palette so it’s nice to have the choice to buy bright handcrafted stuff. I made my godson purple and lime jumpers when he was born and my soon to be born step granddaughter will be getting a variety of brightly coloured things included a turquoise cardigan because you can’t buy blue things for baby girls! Stick with the brights I am sure there’s a market for them. Also, if the buyer didn’t like your colour choices she could either not buy or request something different. Sheesh.

    • Purple and lime! What a great combination. I love it! And turquoise… one of my favourite colours! See? I find blue, green, red and all of their shades to be gender neutral. And also, why do we always have to stick to what is common? Why can’t boys wear pink and why can’t girl wear blue? I really like your ideas.

      Thank you for the reassurance. I do intend to stick to my colours of choice. After hearing everyone here I am even more convinced that I am on the right track 😆
      Thank you!

  10. I love getting bright colored things for my kids, the pastels or dull colors aren’t as interesting, but I notice photographers prefer neutral colors. Not as much fun as the bolder colors.

    • I agree. I’ve noticed the same thing.
      I still prefer brighter colours 😀 Some parents say that they prefer darker colours for their kids because you can’t see how dirty they are. But I think that kids are supposed to get dirty – playing in the sand, digging in the dirt, rolling in the grass. Besides they outgrow their clothes so fast that you’ll be getting them new ones in no time.

  11. Bright for sure, but then I got my first car painted canary yellow. I like to mix the bright with neutral as in mix and match otherwise you can only wear 1 top with 1 pair of pants or the like.

    • A yellow car! I love that! 🙂
      you are right, mixing bright with neutral is the way to go. It’s my preference with an inclination towards brights 😀


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