Patio gardening

I love gardening.  Unfortunately at the moment we live in an apartment and we don’t have a garden.  I have flowers and you may remember my post about the special tulip that adorned our patio a month ago.  Every time I go to the supermarket I can’t help but look at the packets of seeds they sell.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided to get some parsley seeds, basil seeds and some flower seeds.  I didn’t expect much because I know I didn’t have the proper conditions.  But just the other day I noticed that the parsley is starting to come out 🙂  Now that put a huge smile on my face 😀  This is the closest to gardening I can get at the moment and it feels great.

Anyone else likes gardening?  What do you like to grow?

2014-05-14 13.52.17

16 responses to “Patio gardening

  1. We live in a condo but have planted several flats of annuals around the patio and added some pots of zinnia seeds to the mix. They’re coming up well! Your pics look like my attempts at patio gardening! Hoping for good weather so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor!

    • Nice!!! I’d love to see some pics of yours.
      There’s nothing better than eating some yummy things you grew yourself. It’s so rewarding 🙂

  2. I have the same problem, my garden is completely paved and gets very little sun. I’ve created an intricate arrangement of shelves and pots and tins and today I found my first tiny tomatoes had come out, they’re the size of peas. I’m so happy.

  3. Well, the rabbits have taken over the vegetable patch and I just can’t make time to do it justice (but have big plans for our forever house and garden, hopefully next year!) But I do have success each year with raspberries and blackberries – though Mother Nature does far more of the work than I!

    • I know what you mean about rabbits and veggies. This is my biggest concern that if I grow something edible it will get eaten by rodents or other animals. So I am sticking to parsley and herbs 😀
      I would love to have raspberries and blackberries in my back yarn one day.. when I get a house :))) I am jealous! 😀

  4. I love this time of year, when fresh green seedlings just start to grow. Unfortunately the slugs seem to be eating most of my vegetable crops this spring. 😦 Have you hot any suitable windowsills for growing flowers or herbs?

    • Ahh slugs! They are everywhere this time of year.
      I don’t have any windowsills unfortunately. So I am setting up everything on my patio. I have to be careful because my kids sometimes think of my pots as sandboxes and play with their trucks in them 😀 haha I managed to save the parsley. We’ll see how my flowers and basil do. 😆

  5. I’d love to grow my own herbs to use in the kitchen, but my apartment really doesn’t get enough sun for them to grow properly. So my “gardening” is limited to a lone Ikea cactus! It flowers every year though, and is surprisingly pretty when it’s in bloom!

    • You’re right – getting enough sun light is essential. I have the same problem. Just not enough of it. Although in the hottest summer days I am thankful because the apartment doesn’t get too hot. I hope my parsley and basil do well though. I am very impatient and check on them every day 😆
      Love the Ikea cacti. I used to have a few but moving makes you prioritize and I have to leave them at my previous place. I’d love to get some more though. 🙂

  6. I just planted an herb garden in the back the other day! Although I just transplanted more mature plants, it’s still been very rewarding. 🙂 Most of the year, however, I’m in a dorm which makes gardening a little impossible. I’ve found orchids and succulents to be very fun though and they make it easy to take the garden inside!


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