Pure Virgin Wool with Natural Oils

This yarn is definitely one of my favourites.  I have knit countless items with it and it’s great because it’s both baby- and adult-friendly.  They colour goes with everything – it’s the natural colour of wool.  This time I made a pair of baby booties for a newborn cutie of friends’ of ours.  Well he was a newborn 2 months ago but who’s counting 😀  I made them a little bit bigger than the tiny newborn ones so he can wear them longer.

Here’s more about the yarn:
Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Soft Cream


13 responses to “Pure Virgin Wool with Natural Oils

  1. Oh, great choice! I just adore that wool for projects large and small. It is easy to find and just a couple skeins makes a sweater! I designed a traditional Irish fisherman’s sweater for my boyfriend a few years back and used the oatmeal color. Those booties are adorable!

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, I love this yarn for pretty much everything – from sweaters to socks. It’s so warm but soft and pleasant to wear. I bet the sweater your made was gorgeous. What a great idea! I love the oatmeal colour.

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