I heart Tofino!

Have you ever been to Tofino, BC?  If you haven’t, put it on your list to visit 😀

I am in love with Tofino.  It’s a magical place where you get to hear your own thoughts and renew your mind in a peaceful, yet energized way.  I went to Tofino for the first time about 10 years ago.  I was going through a very difficult time where it felt like I was in a vicious circle and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  I went there on a business trip from the small airline company I used to work for at the time.  We used to fly from Vancouver to Tofino on a regular basis and I only heard about the place and only good things.  So when they offered me to go oversee our “terminal” in Tofino, I jumped on the idea and flew there right away.  I put terminal in quotation marks, because at the time, there was no terminal.  There was a bench… and a shack… and if you wanted to see if the airplane was close, you looked up to the sky to see if it was coming, or listened for the engine roar.  If it was quiet and there was no airplane in sight, they were still not there 😀 LOL  I laugh every time I remember numerous passengers asking me which terminal in Tofino they are arriving at.  And I’d say: “When you land, you walk to a green bench, sit and wait for your taxi driver to come get you.” Haha

By the way I did look for a yarn shop as I knew there was one.  But the locals told me it closed down, as every small business in Tofino.  It’s a very seasonal town so it’s hard for small shops like that to survive.

Tofino is a surfer town just west of the 49th parallel.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  It’s surrounded by amazing beaches where all year round you can spot surfers flocking there from all over the world.  It’s an amazing place.  You can read more about it on their website.

Back in the day when I was wandering around the pristine beaches and listening to the waves, I kept wondering if one day I would be able to do that with my family beside me.  Well, this past week, this is exactly what happened 🙂  My fiance and I took the boys to Tofino and we all went to the beach to play.  Dream come true? Check! 😀


8 responses to “I heart Tofino!

  1. The last time we were there was about 10 years ago and it was very nice. Is it more commercialized now? I always fear going back and finding hotels and condos everywhere. Would you say it is still as nice as it was 10 years ago? If it is it would be nice to take the kids.

    • There are more condos for sale than there were 10 years ago but they are not dominant. It’s still really nice. The city has improved the sidewalks and roads a little and there are more coffee shops and places to sit and have lunch outside. But it’s the same businesses and restaurants that I knew from before. The atmosphere is pretty much the same. The locals said there are more people now – both visiting and living there. So it’s become a bigger town that way. But not much has changed otherwise. You definitely get the wilderness feel and I think they’ve done a good job preserving that. And just like 10 years ago, the Internet is just as laid back as the town haha 😀

    • Isn’t it an amazing place?! 🙂 I’m glad you like it too. It’s one of my favourite places to visit. It cannot be described with words. It can only be experienced 🙂


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