Flannel or no flannel?

I can’t believe how quickly I knit this blanket (using Loops&Threads Carisma Mountain Majesty).  It was such an easy project.  I almost felt that the border took me longer than the actual blanket 😆

My question to you is: Should I add flannel to the back of the blanket or leave it as is?

You can see a few knots on the back and I thought a piece of flannel for a nice backing would hide those.  but at the same time, it’s a small blanket and I don’t want to add too much weight to it by adding fabric.

Any suggestions?  Thank you!


22 responses to “Flannel or no flannel?

  1. I always like the ones with a back on them but they are such a pain to attach. Cute blanket. Love your color choices.

  2. The nice thing is that you can use it for a while as-is and then see if you’re still aching for the flannel.


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