Plum sweetness

I’ve had these plums for some time and although the kids love eating them raw, they were starting to soften. And I didn’t want to end up throwing them away. They were too juicy to bake with so I decided to make jam. But knowing my kids and the amount of energy sugar gives them, I wanted something healthier that they would still love. So I found this amazing recipe for No Sugar Plum Jam by The Woman and the Wheat. I’m so happy I found it and got to try it. It’s absolutely amazing! Try it out if you get a chance. You’ll love it on some toast in the morning. Yum!









12 responses to “Plum sweetness

      • Over here in France, it’s very common to put jam in plain yoghurt! If you make your own jam it’s a lot healthier than buying flavoured yoghurt, there is much less sugar (even if you use sugar to make your jam!) and you know exactly what’s in it.

  1. Do you know the shelf life of this jam? Can it be stored in the cupboard till its open or does it have to be stored in the fridge? Thanks


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