What just happened?

Don’t you hate when this happens? I was knitting a blanket and all of a sudden I looked at my yellow skein and saw huge chunks of yarn coming towards my needles. 😦 did I buy the lowest quality yarn there is?! Argh!! IMG_7674.JPG





29 responses to “What just happened?

  1. Ugh! I feel your pain. Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of yarn companies think it’s okay to just tie knots in yarn that broke…that’s always fun to come across while knitting. :/

    • I agree. I’ve noticed that so many times and more recently. It’s also big brands that do that. I knit a scarf for a friend who bought very expensive silk and cotton yarn and it was full of knots. You would think that you’re paying for quality but you can’t really trust these companies.

  2. Oh boo! So disappointing 😦 I’ve come across lumpy tied bits where the yarn clearly broke or was joined to finish the skein – and it wasn’t exactly cheap wool either!

  3. you have my full sympathy. I already hate it when there is more than one knot in one skein. They should not sell these for the full price as it is a nuisance if you are knitting something big.

  4. Grrr, I hate it when I come across a knot in my knitting yarn… But this really takes the biscuit! If you haven’t already, it might be worth getting in touch with the yarn company directly… Who knows, they might even send you some freebies as compensation!

  5. What a pain! … funnily enough I find it is the more expensive yarns I have had problems with. Use good old acrylic a lot (apologies to any yarn ‘snobs’ reading this..lol, I find that many of my customers don’t want the faff of fancy care instructions); and very rarely find knots in that. I’d go the ‘direct to manufacturer’ route too.

    Fab blog by the way … 🙂

    • Thank you so much!
      And thank you for stopping by 🙂
      I agree about acrylic. Often times I also find that acrylic helps give a good shape of your project. It stays put. Which is always nice. 🙂 So I hear you 🙂

  6. Excuse my commenting on ‘old’ posts but if this is the yarn I think it is, I’ve come across this same problem in a few of the skeins that I’ve bought. Needless to say, I won’t be buying anymore which is a shame because this yarn has a beautiful sheen and drape.

    • Thank you for your comment! All my post are active so I appreciate your comment. It seems that it is the same yarn. You are right that it is too bad because I like it too. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t acceptable. Knots like that weigh a lot so when you plan how much yarn to buy, you pretty much can’t go by the label. It could be quite frustrating.

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