Drawstring Pouch

A long time ago my mom had crocheted a drawstring pouch for me to go with my snow white flower girl dress. I was 8 years old and I have to admit the pouch was my favourite thing. Maybe because they told I could keep it and use it after the wedding :))

So I had this beautiful yarn that I didn’t know what to do with. I thought and thought and decided that making a pouch like that would be the perfect project for it. It’s thick but light and it has a bit of a metallic shine to it (very slight almost invisible).

I had already knitted a toddler girl cardigan with the same yarn and this pouch would be a great addition. As I started and kept crocheting I realized that I would run out of yarn. Fortunately I had another type of grey yarn which has a slight satin effect to it so it tight up with the metallic effect nicely. Picture of the cardigan is coming. I still have to sew buttons on it and I can’t seem to find the right ones.

So this is the pouch πŸ™‚





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