Gingerbread house…train

2014-11-11 18.48.55I’ve never put together a gingerbread house before but I’ve always wanted to. Now that I have kids it seems a little more fun to do it together with them.  My 2-year-old is obsessed with Thomas the Train so when I saw the gingerbread Thomas kit in the grocery store, I bought it right away.  Can you guess which part of the kit was the most popular with my kids?  That’s right!  The icing and candy.  Oh how they loved that.  With a lot of convincing on my part and A LOT of patience, we finally got Thomas to be standing up.  Yey!  I’d say that with the help of 2 toddlers, the result is pretty good.  Don’t you? 😉 😉 😉

6 responses to “Gingerbread house…train

  1. You have done a fabulous job. Many moons ago I made my eldest a ‘Postman Pat leaning out of his van’ cake.. Pat was made of solid fondant and so heavy he had to be propped up with chocolate finger biscuits … looked OK from a certain angle

  2. I started making gingerbread creations with my nieces and nephews 11 years ago and they still love it (and are almost teens now)! Thomas looks great!!

    • Thank you 😀
      Your nieces and nephews are lucky to have such a great aunt 🙂 I think putting together gingerbread anything … is a great activity where everyone gets to participate. It brings people closer. It seems that you have achieved just that. 🙂


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