Christmas is (almost) here

IMG_8091.JPGHello everyone,

It’s been a very busy month for our household so far.  We moved to a new place and moving with 2 toddlers is … fun 😉

Now we are all moved and ready to go into holiday season.  First thing I did at the new place was to put up our Christmas tree.  It’s amazing how homey the empty walls became 🙂

I have completely given up making any schedules or routines for myself, e.g. running 4 times a week.  The only thing I have been able to keep up so far is my soccer practice.  I hope this trend continues.  It’s hard to make plans because with little kids the day is very unpredictable.  My 2-year-old is going into the “no nap” trick and his 1-year-old brother fights to stay awake so he can play too.  But he’s too tired the time they actually get to play together.  Then they both get cranky.

Making plans to go out and meet with friends is next to impossible.  Play dates are also kind of difficult.  So I am taking it one day at a time LOL  Oh well…

At least the holidays are coming and I’ll be doing a lot of baking.  If I get a quick minute to myself that is.  And what about my knitting?!?!  I have 3 things started and it’s never taken me that long to finish projects.  Unbelievable.  Big sigh….

How is your holiday prep going?  Have you started yet?


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