Healthy meals day

IMG_8669After having pizza for the past 2 days (home made pizza by the way) I thought it was time for me and the family to eat something different today.

I had a few peppers in the fridge that were getting soft so I decided to save them and make stuffed peppers. 🙂  I used 1 cup brown rice, which I pre-cooked (I cup rice : 3 cups water) as it takes longer in the oven.  It wasn’t completely done when I stuffed the peppers but enough to put in the oven for a little longer.  I also pre-cooked 1/2 cup quinoa and mixed it with the rice.

While the rice and quinoa were cooking, I cut an onion, a carrot, a stick of celery and 4-5 small cloves garlic.  Then I seared them in a pan with a little bit of oil.  Just until the onion was golden. I added 1/2 cup of water and covered with a lid to give the carrots and celery time to soften too.

The great thing about making stuffed peppers is that everything you prep ahead of time doesn’t have to be completely done.  Leave it slightly uncooked because it will continue cooking in the oven.

Once the rice and quinoa were done, I mixed them with the veggies until they were coated with the oil.

Then I stuffed the peppers and placed them in a roasting pan.  I filled the pan where I cooked the veggies with water half way (or as much as you want in order to cover the peppers 1/3 from the bottom) and added a tablespoon of salt to the water.  Heat it up on the stove.  Don’t pour the water on top of the peppers.  It will fill them with water and it will remain trapped in them, dissolving the rice and veggies.  The water is only on the outside.

I covered them with foil to let the steam from the water cook the peppers.  They cooked for about 40 min at 400*F.  Then I removed the foil and let them brown their “caps” a little.

And done… dinner is ready. 🙂

IMG_8670Then…. I decided to make some granola and I had seen a recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago.  I have to be honest… I LOVE granola but I never eat it because the store bought granola is full of sugar and other ingredients I can’t pronounce.  So made my own for the very first time.  And WOW!!! I can’t stop eating it 😀 haha  This recipe is so good and easy to make.  It’s amazing.  The variations are endless.  You can add raisins, your favourite nuts, shredded coconut, and many many more yummy ingredients.  I sprinkled some on top of yogurt and my boys ate the whole bowl before I was even able to try it. LOL



4 responses to “Healthy meals day

  1. Lovely idea and it looks so yummy! Lately, I am very uninspired cookingwise so this comes just at the right moment. I tried stuffed peppers in the past but the children didn’t like them. I used green peppers because in my childhood peppers were green. And it did not come to my mind to use yellow peppers which my children actually like. Sigh. Thank you 🙂

    • It’s so great to hear this 🙂 I used to use green peppers too but I find they are too dense and give a certain flavour to the rice. So then I switched to yellow or red – they are more juicy. And it tastes amazing! So much better. I only eat green peppers raw in salads now. 🙂 Try the yellow. I hope it turns out great and your kids devour them 🙂


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