Name day, knitting, training

Today is my name day.

Name days are huge in Bulgaria.  They are just as important as birthdays.  My name day in particular is quite big and everyone celebrates by making lots of food and sharing it with friends.  There are amateur horse races and people gather to cheer the winners. 🙂

Another thing that happens (or rather doesn’t happen) on this day, as on every church holiday, is nobody does any “work”.  Meaning we don’t sew, knit, do crafts, clean the house, etc. 😀  Sounds like a real holiday, eh? Well, people with kids and pregnant or sick people are exempt from this rule because … well you need to do a few things (do laundry and clean after your kids) considering the circumstances.  It is usually on days like today that I REALLY want to knit haha 😀  When you know you can’t do something, it’s all you want to be doing.

On the knitting front… I am crocheting a baby blanket with this super soft 75% Superwash Wool/25% Nylon yarn.  You can see the colours on the picture.  Unfortunately I am afraid I may not have enough yarn.  And this yarn I bought a long time ago at a sale at a small yarn shop.  Which means it isn’t available anywhere.  Oh well…. maybe it will be a mini stroller blanket for a newborn baby 😀

On the training front… I bought a new stroller 2 days ago because my kids are now too heavy for our old stroller.  Which meant that I couldn’t go for a run or a hike any more.  So the new stroller has big wheels and great suspension and it was made for running/hiking.  So yesterday I hit the trails with kids and did a loop in our neighbourhood and into the trees.  The loop was about 7km and it included hills, trails in the trees and some streets where I actually got to test the stroller while running.  It is amazing!  I love it already 😀

Today we went out again.  This time we went to a sports complex near our place where there were no less than 20 soccer games going on.  The great weather and longer days now brought hundreds of people out.  Including us. 😀  This time our walk/run was a little over 6km.  Including hills on mostly pavement.  One thing about pushing a double stroller is that it adds to my workout perfectly.  It gives me that extra weight to work with and makes my arms stronger.  Talk about bringing running weights… 😉


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