I love running

I have never actually said this out loud before but… I am a runner.  Even when I am not running, I’m still a runner.  I love it.  It clears my mind and relaxes me mentally and emotionally by making me physically tired.

I was asked once what I would do to relax.  If I had all the time in the world, what would I do.  I said: “A long run followed by a bath with a book and a cup of tea” 😀

Today I did another long run. 12.5 km including hills and the upper part of the infamous Coquitlam Crunch.

I am also trying to change my diet to help my race prep.   Apart from the obvious limiting processed sugars, salt, and white bread, I avoid eating more than one “concentrated” food at a time.  Let me explain. 😀 In my mind, a “concentrated” food is anything that is not a vegetable or a fruit (exception make potatoes and bananas).  So for example, I don’t eat meat with potatoes, but rather with salad.  I may eat the potatoes later again with salad or on their own.  I don’t eat bread with deli meats, but rather with slices of tomato and some lettuce.  I may have some deli meats later as a snack with some grape tomatoes.  Another example is cheese.  I love cheese. But I would have it with sliced red peppers, cauliflower, and tomatoes.  I wouldn’t eat it with bread or pasta, etc.  You get the idea.  So I don’t know if I am right LOL but we’ll see what happens in a few weeks.  I still have some baby weight to lose before the race.

After my run, I deserved a little treat 😉  So I went to the fabric store.  And found yarn 😀  This yarn is very interesting and I will post about it once I have a finished product.  I am really excited about it as I had never seen anything like this before.  I also got some fabric to make a cover for the boys’ new stroller.  I know how quickly it gets dirty AND I know what a pain it is to wash and clean it.  So to save me some time, I’ll make these covers that I can just throw in the wash when they are dirty 🙂  I’ll post some pictures once I make them.  I am looking for good patterns by the way if you know of any. Thanks in a advance 🙂


26 responses to “I love running

  1. I have a lot of respect for you. I am NOT a runner… I tried, a few years ago, and the best I could ever do was a 5k, after over 6 months of training. Fast forward a couple years, I can’t even run 1k anymore 😦

    • Running is something that comes and goes. I find that sometimes I don’t have the energy or motivation to even go around the block. Running 5k and 1k is fantastic. You don’t have to run marathons to be a runner. If you like running, keep it up even if it means going out once a week and running for 15 min. 🙂

      • Thank you 🙂 That’s great to hear. 🙂 Let me know how it goes and how you feel when you go out. Btw fast walking is great too especially after an injury – it eases you slowly into running. 😉 *hint hint* 😉

    • Oh I am sorry to hear about your fall. Is everything alright? Running is definitely something you can go back to after a long break. I went from running up to 20 km 4 times a week, to a 5-year period with very little running twice every 2 or 3 months. And now I am doing my best to go back to it. Slowly but surely 😀
      Btw Kelowna is great for running. They have some great trails and good hills, and sunny weather. 🙂 I love Kelowna.

  2. Yesterday my endomondo died out during my 11 km’s running sessesion so I will take it now. I am running to improve my times on running half marathons

    • Ahh!! That’s too bad. I hope you get it fixed soon. Working on speed is great. That’s my next step. I’d love to hear about your progress.

      • It’s fixed. It’s just the battery on my iPhone that dies out too quickly. I have an extension for the longer runs. On Saturdays I run between 16-18 km

      • Sweet!!!! Way to go! I’m quite far from running such distances. But hopefully slowly I’ll get there. I have to. Lol
        Do you do other training as well? Cross fit? High intensity? Yoga?

      • Yes I do Body Step, Body Combat, Aqua Gym, Body Flow and other things the days I don’t run. I run four days a week following a plan on the Endomondo app. I have done Half Marathons for ten years, but found myself getting slower and that irritated me so much that I started to train more intensely from last October. I think I have improved. What was a ” speed level” before is now my ” slow level”

      • Wow that’s fantastic!
        I’d love to try some of these activities too. It’s a little difficult to coordinate schedules with my fiancé as we have 2 toddlers at home. But hopefully I can do some.
        I’m also trying to change my diet. Staying away from junk, refined sugar and white flour. Do you have any recommendations?

      • I agree on your food ideas. I try to use “whole foods” and make meals out of that. It doesn’t have to be complicated. With two toddlers you can’t spend loads of hours.
        Vegetables can be varied in baked form, soups and salads and Woks. Fish and meat. Whole grain bread. I never eat other kind. The white toast bread is not food in my eyes.
        I also try to reduce bread and rice and pasta. I try to avoid sugar, but like of course some in fruit and cakes. But also cakes can be made more healthy and some many recipes are available at the Internet.
        Thanks for asking. If you want to “talk” about children or health things I would be delighted to be involved. That’s what my blogging is about

      • Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. You are so inspiring. I’ll continue reading your blog and yes, I’d love to chat sometimes 🙂 air.bear77[at]gmail.com

      • I love to chat too. Other wise our blogging is a lonely thing if everybody writes and keep our own path without contact to other bloggers

      • I too have very heavy legs having done a lot of running the last days. We inspire each other to do our best in healthy life style. It’s also an example for our children. They follow the steps of the parents good or bad.

      • So true! It’s amazing sometimes to see my little one repeat something I did a long time ago. They just watch you and at some point it comes up in their play lol

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