Spring, cardio, bootcamp… let the weekend begin

Today was bootcamp day…. 8am… first thing in the morning….  I feel my legs and shoulders burning…. makes me happy! 😀

I missed my bootcamp on Thursday.  My fiance got stuck in traffic and didn’t make it home on time.  So I had to make up for it on Friday 😀  I took my kids to a nearby lake which is down the hill from us and then instead of taking the bus uphill, I pushed the double stroller all the way home.  Total distance was 9km there and back.  The hill is quite steep at some point just before you reach our house and pushing both kids (about 25 kg together) in a double stroller gave a pretty good cardio LOL

It was such a beautiful day to be outside.  Spring is definitely here in the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada.  It’s really early this year.  I mean I have roller-bladed in Stanley Park in February before when the trees were blossoming and the sun almost burned your skin…. but I never thought March would feel like a full-on spring with all the flowers, trees, grass blooming and growing.  It’s gorgeous.

It’s one of the worst seasons for the mountains though.  Back in 2010 the winter was too warm for the Olympics and they had to haul tons of snow from Manning Park on big trucks.  I thought that was bad.  This year they closed the hills completely in January!!!  This is supposed to be one of the strongest months of the ski season.  I read that for the first time in 65 years, Grouse Mountain showed 0cm of snow in mid-February.  How sad is that?!?!  And here I am dreaming of skiing with my kids when they are older.  There will be no snow left by the time they are ready to hit the hills.  We have to fly to Alaska to get some decent snow.  Ahhhh…. oh well… 😀

Let’s focus on how beautiful Friday was….. 😀

10 responses to “Spring, cardio, bootcamp… let the weekend begin

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I love spring. Everything is soaked with colour. My older son kept looking up to the tree saying: “Aww pretty flours!” 😀 He’s 2.5 yo 🙂

    • It was a great surprise for us. This winter has been pretty much non-existent. The local ski hills closed in January which is usually their peak season. Crazy! 🙂


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