Arts, Crafts, Walking in the Rain

It rained for a few days here in Vancouver, BC and I had to think of ways to keep my kids occupied.  I went to my favourite place for craft supplies yesterday… the Dollar Store. 😀  I got some glue sticks, construction paper, foam sheets, chalk, crayons, etc.  I also bought a few things for a sewing project I am working on… it’s still in the planning stages so there’s nothing to show but soon I’ll post pictures.  I am also working on a knitting project and it’s taking me way too long.  A lot longer than I thought initially.  But I am not complaining, because I’ve been delayed by a few knitting orders through my Etsy shop.  So it’s all good … 🙂

I also bought a few new gadgets for the boys’ sensory board.  They love playing with it (as you can see by the juice stains) LOL I started it when my older son was 10 months old.  And then kept adding things to it.  I have a few more ideas to add.  The sticky letters weren’t a great success as they fell after a few minutes.  But I’ll find something better next time I am at Michael’s.

My older son (2.5 years old) recognizes the letters and numbers now and counts to 20.  A walk around the neighbourhood inevitably involves naming all the house numbers LOL  And he’s always correct.  My little one (1.5 years old) recognizes most of them but still can’t name them as quickly as his brother.  So adding numbers and a calculator to the board was a huge success.  Pushing the buttons of the calculator occupied almost 2 hours yesterday. 😀

By the way, the carpet samples in the middle represent a traffic light 😀 Red, Yellow(ish) and Green, attached to the board with pipe cleaners in the same colours LOL  They love it!

For today I had planned cutting out flours and getting the boys to glue them on a foam sheet. 😀  We’ll see what will actually come out.

I went for my bootcamp session on Saturday but I haven’t done any running.  So I feel a bit worried that I am not putting in the necessary kilometres before my race.  The thing is… I am going the distance, just not by running it.  I went for a couple of really long walks with the kids and the double stroller.  One day we did 13km of walking including hills and the other day we did a 7km walk downtown on the sea wall.

It was so nice to go back to the sea wall.  I used to roller blade there all the time.  Running it was great too, although I have to admit it was a bit boring because it’s flat 😀


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    • Thank you 🙂 I keep adding things to it. The funny thing is, we never have time to properly fix the steering wheels or attach the board to the wall. But they still love it 😀


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