Happy Orthodox Easter!

Today is my Easter.  Happy Orthodox Easter to everyone who is celebrating today. 🙂 Христос Воскресе!

PS.  Here is the recipe for the Easter bread 😉


10 responses to “Happy Orthodox Easter!

  1. My neighbor was celebrating yesterday and he gave me two eggs and told me they always dye them red – I see you have several very red eggs as well – what is the meaning of the red eggs, if you know?

    • The red colour represents health. The first egg must always be red because it brings health to the house and family. Some people prefer to have all eggs red. Others (myself included) usually have other colours too.
      The tradition also says that you have to share with other people. I make Easter bread every year and most of it I give away 🙂

  2. oh, not only we are both into running (and knitting), we are both Orthodox 🙂 I am not religious really but was Christened as an orthodox in Russia, so I baked some куличи I gave to my family and to a friend for this Easter, even though it was Catholic/Anglican Easter. But I didn’t colour any eggs this year, shame on me! When I was little we always used onion skins to colour our eggs 🙂


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