Eventful April

This month is almost gone and it feels like it just flew by.  How is it April 26th already?!

Between birthday parties, training, soccer, events for the kids, knitting orders and my own projects…. the month slipped away way too fast. πŸ˜€  I guess when the weather is nice and the days are longer you do a lot more and time goes a lot faster.

Yesterday was bootcamp day.  Saturday morning is such a difficult time to get motivated for bootcamp πŸ˜€  But it was great as always.  And today I did a long run – almost 15k.  It included the Coquitlam Crunch from beginning to end this time.  I ran from my house to the bottom of it and then ran the whole thing to the top.  It’s not easy.  But it doesn’t even come close to what I’ll be experiencing on race day (the Grouse Grind).  So it was a good start.

One of the birthday parties we went to a couple of weeks ago was for my friend’s son who turned 4.  He has a 2-month-old brother and I really wanted to bring something for him too.  So I crocheted a little snail using this pattern.  I hope the little cutie likes it πŸ˜€

Then last night I didn’t know what to make for dinner.  I wanted something quick that doesn’t need too much prep or standing around the stove but also different from what we would usually have.  So I made bread buns with bacon pieces.  I know I know… it’s white bread and it’s bacon.  But my boys loved it πŸ™‚  We had some bacon ends from the pork we bought at a local farm – it’s absolutely clean – no hormones, no antibiotics, no additives… just clean meat.  The house smelled so good πŸ™‚  Recipe is below:

IMG_9689Bread Rolls with Bacon Pieces

1kg all-purpose flour (+ 1 cup and a bit more for kneading)
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups plain yogurt (I never buy fat-free or partly skimmed – always whole yogurt or 3.5%)
1 cup milk (whole milk – never fat-free or reduced fat)
1/2 lukewarm water
A pinch of salt (or to taste)
1 1/2 tbs yeast (traditional, plain)
A pinch of sugar
Bacon (the amount depends on your preference; I used about 1lb.  I would say probably one package should be enough)

Sift your flour in a big roasting pan (or if you prefer to knead directly on your countertop or another surface).  Make a whole in the middle – “a well”.  Place yogurt and 2 whole eggs inside.  Separate the third egg and place the whites inside the well and the yolk in a small bowl for brushing later.  Add the pinch of salt.  Set aside.

Pour 1/2 cup of lukewarm water into a small bowl.  Add the yeast and stir until dissolved.  Warm up your milk to a lukewarm temp and pour into the yeast and stir.  Add a pinch of sugar and 1/2 cup flour to the mixture and mix until there are no lumps.  Cover and set aside to a warm place.  I placed it on top of my oven while it was pre-heating.

Make sure everything is room temperature.  Once the yeast is bubbly and ready, pour into the well over yogurt and eggs and start kneading.  Knead into a dough that is not too soft and not too hard.  If you poke it with your finger it should leave a mark but not stick to your hands.  Leave dough in the pan where you kneaded it (or in a bowl), cover with a kitchen towel, and set aside to rise.

If your kitchen is pretty warm it should take about 1 hour to rise.  I waited for mine for 1 1/2 hr because I had my windows open and it was a bit cooler in the kitchen.

In the meantime, prepare your bacon.  All you have to do is cut it in small pieces and cook it in a skillet.  Make sure it doesn’t burn – smaller pieces will cook really fast and may burn easily.  Once it’s done, set aside to cool down.

Once the dough is ready, roll it into a single thick “log” and cut 7 pieces with a knife.  Spread each “ball” into a rectangle (I just used my fingers, no need for a rolling pin), place cooked bacon pieces all over the rectangle (it doesn’t have to be perfect and you can put as much bacon as you would like), roll the rectangle into a roll ;).  Pick it up and twist it with your hands – towards you with one hand and away from you with the other.  Then make a knot and place the roll into the baking pan where you will be baking the rolls.  Make sure there is no “exposed” bacon because it may burn in the oven while the rolls are baking.

Repeat this with all dough “balls” until you have all of them in.  If there is space between them – great!  As they bake they will expand.  Brush with the egg yolk you set aside in the beginning and place in the oven.

Bake at 375F for about 40-45 min or until golden on top.  Every oven is different so keep an eye on them.  You don’t want them too dry.  And remember – the bacon is already cooked so you don’t need to worry about the meat inside.  As soon as they are brown on the edges they are done. πŸ™‚

Enjoy! πŸ˜€

14 responses to “Eventful April

    • Haha no no no. I admire you!! :)) Believe me there are too many nights when I just wish I could make Kraft dinner haha If it wasn’t packed with chemicals I’d make it 4 times a week lol

  1. I love reading your blog, Funky Air Bear! Thanks for the inspiration. I forgot to mention in my post today that I was also inspired by your 15km run. One day … one day πŸ™‚

    • Aww thank you πŸ™‚ that means a lot to me. πŸ™‚
      You will do it in no time. Just take your time because it’s so easy to overwork yourself. By the way I can barely walk today haha πŸ˜€

  2. My daughter and 2 granddaughters ran in the “Race For The Cure ” last Saturday in Rogers, Ar. (about 25 mi. north of where we live) Were tired, but enjoyed it. I thought about them – does that count?
    Every Saturday morning on our public tv station they air a program about needle work and I tape it every week, however I have never picked up the yarn to try a project. Your little crocheted snail is so cute. I would love to learn how to knit or crochet.
    Look forward to trying your roll recipe. Enjoyed your post.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      And yes, thinking of your daughter and 2 granddaughters absolutely counts! πŸ˜€ Good for them! Wow! this is wonderful.
      Once you pick up the yarn and needles, you will be literally hooked. When I started crocheting an animal for the first time, I couldn’t leave it until I saw it finished πŸ˜€ It’s so addictive. And then if you have to leave it and continue the next day, you keep thinking about it for hours. LOL
      If you do try the rolls, do let me know how they turn out. πŸ™‚ I hope you like them. πŸ™‚


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