One piece cardigan

I don’t often make things for myself.  It’s usually orders for customers, gifts for friends, or clothes for my family.  So when I saw this pattern of a one-piece cardigan, I knew exactly which yarn in my stash would be great for it. 🙂  Ok, I had to buy one more skein as I didn’t have enough and it’s a slightly different colour.  But I think it worked out ok 🙂

The original pattern has the cardi in garter stitch from start to finish.  I changed it a little by doing stockinette stitch in the lower part.  And that’s the beauty of this pattern – it’s so versatile and you can add your own twist to it.  For the next one I am thinking of adding some crochet flowers on the one side or maybe more buttons.  The options are endless.

I bought neutral wooden buttons to go with this beautiful green.  The original pattern calls for no buttons, but I decided to add a couple just because sometimes I like to close a cardigan even if it’s just at the top.  By the way, excuse the quality of my pictures.  It’s hard to take pictures of yourself especially when two helper toddler photographers are around me 😀

The pattern is a delight to knit.  There is also a similar one for a sweater so that might be the next thing I try.  And I just have the perfect yarn for it too 😉


19 responses to “One piece cardigan

  1. This is lovely! I’m really into the gradient colour, it’s such a cool look!

    • Thank you. I love gradient colour yarns. They are always so surprising 🙂 You can never plan where the colours will end up and it’s quite exciting. I wish I had bought more of this yarn. I found it on sale a long time ago and I only bought 4 skeins. So it wasn’t enough for this cardi. The yarn is 80% Pure wool and 20% Acrylic. So soft and light. Really nice. 🙂


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