Progress is more important than perfection

If you wait for the right moment, you end up not doing anything.  This is my opinion anyway.  I am not saying that you have to jump at anything that comes your way without giving it a thought but I’ve noticed that if I think about something for a longer period of time, I never end up doing it.

If I leave the decision to go skiing to the morning, I never go skiing.  But if I make up my mind and prepare the night before, I always find it easier in the morning to get up early and head to the hills.

Same thing happens with any type of workout – if I stop to think about it, I never do it.  But if I put on my running shoes and go out the door, it’s done – I’m going! 😀

I felt the same way about sewing.  I always thought that I should learn more about it before I even attempt a project.  But all I had to do was start.  And the project unfolded on its own.  I had bought a piece of really nice knit fabric a long time ago.  The colour was one of my favourites – a warm soft hazelnut brown.  The fabric was so soft and I couldn’t wait to make something so I could wear it.  For a long time I thought I had to learn how to sew knits and stretchy fabrics because I didn’t want to spoil the beautiful piece I had.  So I looked at 100s of patterns and tutorials.  I talked to people who sew, asked staff at fabric stores… but I was still afraid to go ahead and make something.  I knew I wanted a shirt and I knew I wanted to use as much of the fabric as possible.

So the other day I came across a super simple idea in one of my Burda magazines.  You take a fabric rectangle, fold it in two (you can do this with 2 rectangles and sew at the shoulders).  Sew the sides up to the length you want leaving openings for arms.  Cut another opening at the top for a neckline and leaving the fabric uncut at the end so it sits on your shoulders.  And voila!  You have a shirt! 😀  I know, it sounds a little crazy but it’s really simple and easy to make.  And when you have 2 toddlers in the house, it’s the perfect project for naptime LOL

I also made this quick blanket all from remnants.  Even the batting was a remnant I got for half price from the local fabric store. 😀  It’s perfect for picnics and playing on the grass.  I love digging into the remnants basket 😀  So many great pieces to find and fraction of the cost.


19 responses to “Progress is more important than perfection

  1. Can’t believe you made this shirt the way you described it. I love it!!! 🙂 Looks so great for Summer! Thanks for sharing this. BTW, I’m hosting a giveaway currently. You can win one out of 10 super cute felt cell/mobile phone sewing kits. Have a lovely day. Jana

  2. That’s really cool! I’m not much of a seamstress, but I can sew a couple straight edges! Lol.

  3. Isn’t it great to use something you’ve had in your stash for a while…and even better to be happy with the result! I’ve shied away form knits, but this might be something even i could try.

    • Yes it’s great to make something out of your stash. I always say that I keep things for a long time and when their time comes, they become the exact pieces they were intended to be in the first place 😀
      I was really nervous about sewing knits. One lady in the local fabric store said: “Just sew as regular fabric. But don’t pull or push. Let your machine do the feeding at its own pace and it will be fine.” This is exactly what I did and it turned out great.

  4. I feel the same, with my new sewing machine that has been waiting for a project for months. I just don’t know where to start, because I cannot even do a straight seam yet. Maybe I should get started with just any scrap of fabric and practice. Practice and do a very simple thing just to get the fear of it out of my system.

    • I hear you! I know exactly what you mean and you are right. Practice is what you need.
      I have the perfect idea for practicing straight lines but still being productive 😉
      Every once in a while I go through my towels and grab the oldest and thinnest ones that I wouldn’t use in the bathroom any more. Then cut them in rectangles and fold the rectangles in two. Or cut 2 smaller rectangles and put them together one on top of the other. Basically you want to create a pouch. Make sure your hand fits into the pouch. Sew the sides (2 sides if you folded a bigger rectangle and 3 sides of your rectangles are smaller and cut on all sides) Leave one of the sides open so you can slip your hand into it. These towel pouches make the perfect shower “glove” for exfoliation or dish cloths for the kitchen 🙂 They are very practical as you get to re-use an old towel, practice your straight sewing lines, and make something you can use 🙂
      I like using these pouches when I bathe my kids and I need to scrub mud off of them 😀 LOL I put the soap bar into the pouch and use it to soap up and scrub at the same time 🙂 There are so many uses. I always like to have a few of these pouches handy for when we go camping too.
      Oh and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about making perfectly straight lines or “ruining” your project. Even if it’s not usable, you can always throw it out. It’s an old towel after all 😉 😉 😉

      • That’s a good idea for practising. You know, in France we have these. They are called ´gants de toilette ´ washing gloves. 🙂 So I have a lot already but still, using old towels or old stuff I would not use anymore is a great practice idea. Thank you.

      • Oh nice! Aren’t great to use in the shower?! I learn something every day. Now I know the French word for them 🙂 Thank you!

  5. So right. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Once you start something it just unravels on its own. Good philosophy for many aspects of life. By the way, great t shirt!

    • Thank you! 😀 Isn’t it true how that applies for almost everything in life? 🙂 Besides, the more “imperfect” your creations are, the more special and memorable they are 🙂


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