Unexpected project

This project started as a crochet circle which at some point was going to be a soft rug to put in my walk-in closet.  Then in my mind it turned into a base for a basket.  And I kept crocheting until it turned into a … basket. 😀  I had some left over yarn so I added some crochet flowers. Once the basket was done, I decided to add the lining.  I had a couple of cheerful pieces of fabric from some remnants I had picked up at the fabric store.  And here it is… 😀 a basket with lining for my yarn.

PS.  The basket was inspired by a project I saw on Pinterest by Red Heart Yarns and I had big skein of yarn similar to the Red Heart Baby Blanket yarn (I don’t remember the name of it exactly, but I got it at Michael’s on sale).  And the lining was my creation – a circle for a base and a rectangle sewn to it for walls.  It was supposed to be folded over the edge of the basket but the fabric was too narrow 😀  So I hemmed the edge and sewed it to the basket.  Yes, I actually put the basket edge and lining on my sewing machine and attached the two together. 😀


10 responses to “Unexpected project

  1. This is so cute! What a lovely idea for storage – I keep my leftover yarn rather unceremoniously in freezer bags and plastic bags.

    • I do too! LOL But now I am kind of hooked on making baskets 😀 I think I’ll start making some with lids so I can close them up and hide my yarn stash 😉 hihihi 😀


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