Quiet morning



I got up earlier today… just couldn’t sleep. Maybe because it’s already nearing 30*C.  It’s so unusual for Vancouver to be so hot.  I mean the kids love it because they can splash in the inflatable pool all day.  But for me, heat has never been my favourite.  I’d rather put on extra clothes because I’m cold.

My parents are enjoying their stay and they love taking the kids for walks and to the park.  They are both very active and they love the trails around our neighbourhood.  Last night we went to a running track and my mom ran 10 rounds of 400m.  She just turned 60 in May.  I am so proud of her for continuing to work out and stay in shape.  She used to be a professional athlete before she had me running 1500m in competitions all around Europe.  She was even a national champion for a few years in a row (back in Bulgaria).  I guess this is where my love for running comes from.

My dad used to be a soccer playing when he was young.  So that’s where my love for soccer comes from haha 😀  When I was a kid, the three of us would go running every night – rain or shine.  We would put on our running shoes and track suits and go for a nice run before bed.   Now that would probably explain why I prefer running and working out in general in the evenings 😀  I am not a morning person and while I can run for 4 hours straight before bedtime, in the morning I am pretty much asleep until noon. haha

So last night while my mom was doing her laps, my dad played soccer with my sons.  My older loves kicking the ball and he’s really good at it.  So I am looking forward to the day when I can put him in organized soccer.  I think he’ll love it.  Even my dad recognizes that he’s got potential.  He even did one lap with my mom.  My parents couldn’t believe it and the other people running were stunned.  Did I mention he’ll be 3 next month? 😀

I have tons of knitting and sewing project to report on.  I just really don’t have the time to take proper photos.  It’s really busy during the day and at night I don’t the artificial lighting for photos.  So I’m working on it and will post some cool things soon. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying summer! (or winter if you’re down south – I hear the ski season started in NZ, Chile, Argentina, and many other gorgeous places)

12 responses to “Quiet morning

    • So true! Whenever someone asks me where I would go on vacation I aways think of a cosy cabin the middle of a snowy forest with a fire burning, lots of blankets, books… and of course skiing haha 😀

  1. Hi neighbour, yes this PNW heat it getting to me too. So glad my sewing room is cooler. We got a wading pool for our dog. She loves it. Whew, I can’t imagine running in this heat. Stay cool, Cheers~Mona 😀

    • Hello neighbour! 😀
      Awww a wading pool! 😀 Your dog probably doesn’t want to leave it. Nice! 🙂 I hope you can make some slushy cool pitchers and enjoy some relaxing time. 😀

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. we have had a lot more rain than usual in n.w. Arkansas, my husband said if this keeps up, he will have to mow every day. Life is good!

    • I am sure your lawn is a beautiful green colour 😀 That’s probably the upside of having a natural watering system. 😉 LOL Yes, Life is good! 🙂

    • This year in general is quite warm I think. We barely had a ski season. The mountains opened at the end of January and closed in April. Very unusual.


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