Rain, Shine, Rain, Shine

The weather has been crazy lately.  We had 2 days of over 30*C (86*F) and then 2 days of cool air and rain.  And then again… it was hot, then it was cool.   I hear lots of people, including me, are getting sick because the only way to sleep at night when it’s hot is to leave your windows open.  However, overnight the temperature changes significantly and you wake up in a frozen cold room.  It’s the perfect storm for catching a cold.

The rain is definitely welcome here in British Columbia because we have more than 80 wild fires burning at the moment.  Lots of people have been evacuated and the rain will bring much needed help to firefighters.

When the weather is hot, it’s really hard to think about knitting.  Correction, I do think about it a lot, but it’s hard to pick up my needles. 😀  Isn’t it strange how all the projects and ideas you have come to you at times when you have limited opportunity to knit.  I wanted to try so many things and yet, it was too hot to even start.  Now that it’s a little cooler, I am not so eager about all my “hot weather” ideas LOL  One thing I managed to do though was take a few photos of a sweater my mom knit.  It’s gorgeous!  It’s amazing the quality and variety of yarns they have in Bulgaria.  I mean Turkey is just across the border and they have some of the best yarns in the world.  The Scandinavian countries are not that far away either so many yarn shops stock up with Finnish and Swedish wool.  Not to mention France and England with their beautiful varieties.  And how about the hand spun and hand dyed yarns from all over Bulgaria?  I mean you can literally go into every village and buy yarn directly from the talented people who create it at their homes.  I can’t wait to go back to Bulgaria and go on a yarn hunt 😀

Speaking of yarn from Turkey, this came in the mail today 😀  The Assurdo Wool Light Green/Green yarn.   It’s 39% Wool, 58% Acrylic, 3% Polyamide.  And the Wool Tweed Grey/Dark Grey.  It’s 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic.  Hmmm what should I make with them??  😀



8 responses to “Rain, Shine, Rain, Shine

  1. I absolutely adore that sweater!! It is so very much to my liking. The colours are those I like to wear the most! Although I wear all colours and remind myself regularly to be more “colourful”.

    • Thank you! The colours are definitely some of my favourite too. It really depends on the occasion and the rest of the outfit. I am also more inclined to go colourful especially for kids. But sometimes you need a universal piece that would go with anything. The yarn is so soft too.


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