Bottle Sweater

This idea came from experience 🙂  I take my boys out for walks in the winter but their water or milk always gets cold.  Sometimes too cold for them to drink it.  Even putting the bottles in their diaper bag wouldn’t help as I open and close the bag too often.  This is a simple crochet pattern.

Basically you increase stitches until you reach the diameter of the base of the bottle and then stop increasing but just crochet the number of stitches you end up with.  It naturally “closes” up and become a cylinder.  Make it as tall as your bottle.  To make the lid, I left 10 stitches to be attached and then made a chain of the remainder of the stitches.  E.g. if you had 40 sts total, leave 10 for attachment and make a chain of 30 sts to complete the circle.  Once you attach the last chain st to the circle, continue crocheting the way you did for the lower part of the bottle warmer.  When you reach the height of the lid you want, start decreasing sts the exact same way you had increased them at the base.  Until you have a very small hole at the top.

Decorate it the way you want.  Your imagination is the limit 🙂  You can add strings so you can tie it to the stroller, add handles if your toddler like to carry it around, add flannel on the inside to insulate it better…. I kept it quite simple here but I am working on a few cool ideas at the moment.


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