Beautiful Treasury

I love being featured on a treasury.  I mean who doesn’t, right? LOL

I love it because, well, the obvious reason is that someone loved my item enough to include it in their collection of favourites.  But I also love it because I love seeing the creations of other talented people that I wouldn’t have otherwise found on Etsy.  There are so many artisans and amazing products on the website that it’s hard to see everything.  When someone puts together a treasury, they select exquisite pieces that show you the true meaning of handmade, independent art, and passion.

My Handknit Cardigan with Crochet Flowers was included in this beautiful collection some time ago.  And I love every piece that makes up “history 469” by Svetlana Fediy from FediyS.  Check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.50.17 AM


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