Whole30: Day 9

I am so proud of myself today 😀  I (almost) didn’t break any rules despite all temptation around me. 😀 We celebrated my sons’ birthdays in one big double birthday party.  So imagine two of everything – two cakes, 30 cupcakes, food for 30 people (adults and children), juices, etc… The kids had a blast.  We had the birthday party at the Burnaby Central Railway – rides on miniature trains for adults and kids through tunnels, bridges, overpasses through trees and creeks – just beautiful.  We love that place and we take my sons there almost every weekend in the summer.  The place is open Easter weekend to Labour Day weekend and it’s a lot of fun.  At the end we had a bunch of very tired and happy kids 😀

Well… I did say I almost didn’t break any rules today… in the morning I had coffee and put some almond milk in it as usual.  After a few sips I could taste sweetness in my coffee and I thought I might be just imagining things.  I looked at the almond milk I had just opened and sure enough – Silk Original instead of Silk Unsweetened.  My fiance accidentally grabbed Original from the grocery store.  I didn’t finish my coffee partly because the morning got really busy.  But I did have a few sips of coffee with almond milk which contained cane sugar.

Then at the party we had food catered in individual trays for everyone.  We had roasted chicken with variation of fries, rice, or coleslaw salad.  The chicken was only roasted in spices and herbs so I had a piece of chicken breast.  But I couldn’t have rice or coleslaw and I knew the fries weren’t fried in Whole30 oils.  But it was the easiest thing to eat at this point and I was starving.  So I had some fries. <rolling my eyes here>  Not so good… I know.  I finished my chicken breast for dinner when we got home.  Oh and I didn’t even touch the cakes!! (except for when I was cutting them LOL) They smelled so good and everyone enjoyed them so much!  Not me.. I stayed away from sugar the whole time.  Oh well… I guess it was a special day and 2 little slips are forgivable 😉 Right?!

So here’s a recap of the day:


  • 1/2 cup Coffee with almond milk (Silk Original)
  • 3 Fresh figs
  • 3 Raw Vegan Cookies


  • 1/4 Roasted chicken breast + 10-12 French Fries (guilty as charged) 😀


  • 3/4 Roasted chicken breast
  • Snack later in the evening: a boiled egg and a slice of prosciutto
  • Desert: fresh figs and raw vegan cookies

2 responses to “Whole30: Day 9

  1. Looks like you and the family had a fun day out! I’m so impressed at your restraint… If it were me, I think I might gave grabbed one of those cakes and run off with it 😀 Well done!


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