Whole30: Day 16

I.AM.EXHAUSTED! 😀 I mean it’s good exhausted.  After a car show, 2 miniature train rides and bike rides just before bed, my older son is still up as if the day is just starting… haha And I just want to wind down and go to bed.  I mean it’s past midnight for goodness sakes! 😀  At least my younger one is sleeping already.

Ahhhhhhh the menu today was quite eclectic 😀  We spent the day out of the house so food was a bit sporadic for me.


  • 1 cup of coffee with almond milk
  • Scrambled eggs + bacon (I’ll write about the meat and eggs we buy in another post; always from a local farm, no additives, no hormones, no antibiotics)


  • Chicken wings with salt and pepper; oven roasted; not breaded
  • Greek salad (without the feta ;( )
  • Desert: Trail Mix (I brought a tupperware container with me)


  • Leftover chicken wings from lunch + leftover Greek salad
  • Trail Mix
  • Tons of water… I was so thirsty

Off to bed now… zzzzzzzzz


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