Whole30: Day 21

IMG_2381My fiance stopped at the farmers’ market today and got 2 big boxes full of goodies.  I think tomorrow I’ll have a whole lot of inspiration to make some delicious Whole30 meals.  Yum!

I also took my kids for a hike today but on the way there they saw a water park and we got “stuck” there 😀 They loved running through the water and I let them although I had no towel to dry them with.  So I found a receiving blanket and a burp cloth in the diaper bag 😀  So that’s what I used.  You have to be resourceful when you do spur of the moment activities. 😉

I’ve been busy with a few knitting orders too.  And my kids appreciated me taking them to the park.  I’ve been working on a few hats as well as a very cool girl’s vest.  I’ll be posting pictures soon. 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s my menu for today: (pretty boring I have to admit)


  • 1 Cup of Coffee with almond milk
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 boiled egg



  • A big salad leftover from last night – yes, I made lots of salad last night but it was great because I love leftovers and I didn’t really feel like cooking or making anything today.  Lazy I know!  But I mostly knitted a few orders and I didn’t have time to cook.
  • Raw Vegan Cookies


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