Hats make for great gifts

I love knitting hats 😀  Especially the chunky ones.  Chunky yarn is so warm and cosy and it knits so quickly.  Everyone loves wearing a nice warm hat in the winter.  So it makes for a great personal gift that’s unique.

I had this beautiful 100% Pure New Wool yarn in 3 colours.  I love the contrast the pink and yellow make with the dark grey.  The combination is perfect both for kids and adults.  The hats in the pictures are sized large for a child and small for an adult.  They fit me perfectly but they would be too small for my fiance. (just to give you an idea)  They are so soft and cosy!  And the pom pom adds extra fun to them. 😀

They are available in a set of three or a set of two in my Etsy shop.  They make for a great gift for twins, triplets, and any siblings really… also friends who like to have fun together outdoors in matching hats. 😀


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