Whole30: Day 26

I’m writing this a day late.  Last night I had a terrible headache and went to bed early.  I couldn’t bear to look at a screen so I left yesterday’s post for today.  I have discovered that if I am sweaty after a run and get in my car and roll the window down even an inch, I get headaches the day after.  The same happened if I take a shower and wash my hair, then hop in the car and roll down the window… I get headaches later.  It’s almost as if a nerve in my head gets too cold from the combination of wetness and wind and gives me an instant headache.  It’s really strange.  And it’s always on the left side of my head.  Weird!

Anyway, yesterday I did both of these things – I went for a run and on the way back my car was so hot from sitting in the sun that I rolled down the window just a bit to get some air in.  Then I got home and showered and I went out to meet a friend for a coffee without the kids 😀 (they were with my fiance for the day so I used the opportunity).  So again, I rolled down my window just a little to get some air.  I could still feel the air circulating in my car so I thought that I might get a headache later.  But didn’t really think of it too much.  Well… by 6pm I had a full on throbbing headache and I could barely hold my eyes open. 😦  The head is continuing today so I think I might have to take a Tylenol.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to cook a salmon that was given to us by friends who go fishing.  They caught it, cleaned it, packaged it, and froze it.  It looked more professional than the one you buy in the store 😀 So I cooked it in the oven.  Very simple – place the salmon in a roasting pan, covered it with slices of lemon and bake.  That’s it.  Salmon has this amazing flavour that mostly comes from its own oils so I never add olive oil to it.  I just let it cook in its own juices.  And lemon always add a bit of tanginess to it that I love.  For my boys (including my fiance 😉 ) I made steamed wild rice with peas and carrots.  And separately I also made steamed beets and carrots from the farmers’ market.  Wow the house smelled so good!  My boys kept asking me if it was ready 😀 😀 😀  It was a fantastic dinner and we ate it so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to take pictures. 😀

Earlier in the day when I went to see my friend (who was recently diagnosed with cancer and just had a major surgery 😦 ) she took me to a local produce store that buys everything locally and from British Columbia in general.  And bought these peaches from the Okanagan – OMG!!!  The best peaches I’ve ever had 😀  So flavourful and juicy – unbelievable!  The peaches from the Okanagan are amazing – they are so good that they have a whole region there called Peachland. 😀  It’s beautiful!  They also had beautiful grapes from BC that I also bought as my boys love grapes.  They were so good the lady at the store said she can’t supply them fast enough.  People were coming from other cities to buy them 😀  I think it also helped that she had samples all over her store and people (including myself) just couldn’t resist.  So good!  My friend also gave me fresh mint and oregano from her garden that filled my car with amazing aroma on my drive back home. 🙂

IMG_2508My run for the day was the Coquitlam Crunch.  I hadn’t run in a while and I need to start to do that regularly in order to prepare for my first half marathon in October.  When I signed up back in April, October seemed sooooo far away.  And now it’s just around the corner.  Time flies too fast!

So here’s my menu for yesterday:


  • 1 cup coffee with almond milk
  • Trail Mix



  • Salmon with steamed beets and carrots
  • Lots of grapes for desert and another huge peach
  • A handful of trail mix

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