Discovering the neighbourhood through running

Last night I had some time to myself (odd, I know!) so I thought it was time to go for a run.  I had discovered a really nice trail with the kids a couple of days earlier so I thought it might be a good change to go explore a new route.  Boy, am I glad I did!  This trail is amazing.  It’s called the Traboulay PoCo Trail and it’s in Port Coquitlam.  It goes along the Pitt River and it’s unbelievably beautiful.  The sunset was gorgeous.  I did 10 km but I stopped a lot to take photos.  The colours, the sky, the river, the birds… it was all so majestic.  I couldn’t stop taking photos. 😀


25 responses to “Discovering the neighbourhood through running

  1. Beautiful! And good for you for running a 10K! I have to do 5 miles tomorrow and it sounds so hard! I remember times when a 12 mile run was no big deal… niw I feel so out of shape! Oh well, I guess that’s why there’s “training”.

    • It wasn’t easy I tell ya! 😀 I had to keep convincing myself to keep going. I know what you mean that it seemed so easy before. I used to run up a mountain, down and up again, come home after a 4 hour run and think I hadn’t done enough running haha 😀 That was way before kids though. One thing I know is, as long as I go out there, life is good 😀


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