Wool Tweed Cosiness

You probably remember my wool tweed shrug that I crocheted a while ago.  I wore it yesterday as the temperatures plummeted.  Or perhaps it wasn’t that cold but I just wanted to wear my shrug 😀  It’s so cosy and comfortable!  And this yarn is amazing.  What a pleasure to work with and wear.  So soft and warm.  I had some of it left over and I made a winter hat for myself as well so now I can’t wait for the real winter 😀  I had a little leftover super chunky wool yarn in dark grey and I used it in the pom pom.  It added some contract and extra fluffiness to it.  I love saving little pieces of leftover yarn.  You never know when you are going to need them.

I knitted the hat and I wanted the stitch to resemble the crochet stitch of the shrug.  In this case the fisherman rib stitch was perfect.  It matches it pretty well.  What do you think?


14 responses to “Wool Tweed Cosiness

  1. This reminds me…I have some tweed wool purchased on Harris (from the actual Harris tweed shop) in Scotland whilst cycling round the island last year…now autumn is here I really SHOULD do something with that wool.

    • That’s fantastic!! I can only imagine the softness and quality. I’m curious to know what you decide to make with it. I bet it will be beautiful!
      Way to go cycling! I’d love to do that some day. 🙂


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