Hat and Neck Warmer with a Twist

I have been so anxious to knit the Hat & Neckwarmer I got as a gift for my subscription to Rowan.  It’s finally finished!  And I love it.  I tweaked it a little bit and next time I make it I’ll tweak it even more.  But you learn as you go, right? 😀

Here’s how I changed the pattern and what I would do next time:

  • Use less stitches – about 20 sts less than the pattern (this yarn is stretchy so it allows for a smaller circumference)  It is quite big at the moment as a hat so definitely less stitches next time.  As a neckwarmer it sits ok.
  • I used circular needles instead of straight needles because I don’t like having an edge on my hats.
  • Using circular needles saves yarn too
  • Instead of a ribbon I made an i-cord with the leftover yarn and crochet flowers to attach to the cord.

Here’s a link to the Ravelry pattern from Rowan.


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