“Thinking is like cosmic knitting” Rudolph Steiner

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.09.43 PMAs an educator and a knitter I agree 100% with Steiner, the founder of the Waldorf schools, and the above statement 🙂  I found this very interesting article about how knitting helps people learn coding.  And how in Waldorf schools:

Today’s Waldorf students still knit socks and whittle kitchen spoons and many Waldorf schools shun the use of technology. Those two things — handwork and technology — might seem at first glance to be at odds. But there’s a case to be made that handwork and computing  — and the kind of process that links the two — are more closely related than one might think.

Isn’t this fantastic?!  The authors demonstrate the close correlation between binary symbols (1 and 0) used in computer science and writing knitting patterns (K and P) Take a look at this knitting pattern written in binary code that a computer would recognize as code:

Row 1: *k1, p1; rep from * Rows 2: *p1, k1; rep from *, or
Row 1: (K1, P1) rep to end Row 2: (P1, K1) rep to end.
Repeat these 2 rows for length desired.

can also be written as:


Here’s the link to the article for the full text.  I love this analogy!


14 responses to ““Thinking is like cosmic knitting” Rudolph Steiner

  1. Wow…. in my first vocational training in the middle of the 80th I learned to read a telegraph paper strip (someone rememver… a long paper strip with holes… hole or no hole = 0 or 1). Perhaps that’s why I’m a knitter. 😀


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