The funny side of crocheting

A friend of mine asked me if I could crochet something for her.  She sent me a picture of these coasters resembling a cat’s bum haha  I started laughing.  That’s the great thing about crocheting and knitting – you create things that are useful and at the same time they make someone smile.  In my case I laughed pretty hard haha.  “Of course I can make these”, I said.  And an hour later, they were done.  She wanted 4 for a gift to a relative of hers.  They were easy and fun to make.  And definitely fun to look at.  I can only imagine serving someone a glass of water or a cup of tea of these cuties. 😀  A definite conversation piece right there.  Here’s the pattern I used.


19 responses to “The funny side of crocheting

  1. Too funny. I just made up a bunch of these myself for a friend who is obsessed with cats. I can’t wait to give them to her. I know she is really going to get a kick out of them.


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