Beautiful West Coast Winter

What a beautiful winter we’ve had so far.  It’s been so sunny and cool – perfect for walks in the woods and along the ocean.  The air is crisp and clear and sun is just warm enough that the frost doesn’t bite 😉  This is definitely the perfect weather to wear all my knit scarves and toques.  I’ve been wearing different ones every day 😀

It’s also sweater season 😉  I had knit a couple of pieces in the summer that I couldn’t wait to wear in the cooler weather.  So now is the time.  And best part is… people have been asking me where I bought them. 😀 I love answering this question 😉

I am currently working on a few orders and when they are done I will have a proper post with lots of yarn and some cool patterns I have found in the past couple of months.  So stay tuned…

In the mean time, take a look at some photos from my most recent walk with my little ones. 🙂



21 responses to “Beautiful West Coast Winter

  1. Gorgeous photos… It really looks like perfect knitwear weather where you are! Over here we had a ridiculously mild start to winter, so all my woollies have only just been liberated from the wardrobe!

    • It’s definitely a strange beginning to the winter season this year. On the West Coast we’re getting snowfall warnings. And in Central Canada people are wearing t-shirts. 🙂


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