If it looks like a pie, and tastes like pie…

Ok it doesn’t really taste like a pie so maybe I shouldn’t call it that.  But it certainly looks like one. 😀

I will actually refrain from labeling it because it is Whole30 compliant but the rules of Whole30 say that you can’t have any “substitutions” for the real thing.  So I can’t say that I am eating a “muffin” if what I made looks like a muffin but it really is not.  Or I can’t say it’s a cookie although it has the same shape and is made pretty much the same way except it’s Whole30 compliant.  So this so-called “pie” will remain as … desert for Whole 30 followers.  How’s that? 😀

It’s amazing!  And it’s so good I would eat the whole thing.  It’s actually made of two things I have already made before.  I just combined them together 😀  The base is the same “dough” as my raw vegan “cookies” except I added 2 tbsp cocoa powder and 3 tbsp of coconut oil (for firmness once it’s chilled).  And the top is the raw chocolate avocado “pudding” that we all love 😀  Except this time I kept it a bit more dense than when I make it on its own.  I also added 1 tbsp coconut oil again for firmness once it’s chilled.

Press the base at the bottom of your pie dish as if you are placing the crust for a pie.  It will be sticky so you will have no problem spreading it up the walls of the dish.  It should form a well where you will pour the avocado mixture. Spread it evenly.  Top with some almonds and put in the fridge to chill.  Make sure you continue to keep it in the fridge so it stays firm.

Please excuse my poor-quality pictures.


6 responses to “If it looks like a pie, and tastes like pie…

      Sad? It’s actually recommended!! 😀 haha If it makes you feel better, I also made it for myself 😀 My fiance isn’t into the Whole 30 concept 😀 So I’m on my own.
      By the way, you are going to love it! Mmm it’s so good.


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