Can’t stay away from the yarn shop

I am currently in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I’m visiting with my family for a very special occasion. My hubby’s granny just turned 100 years old. There was no way we would miss the celebration of an extraordinary woman who tells the most incredible stories. It was great to see her surrounded by her great grandchildren. Melted my heart. 

Today, I woke up before everyone and decided to do some exploration in the neighbourhood. You guessed it! I was looking for a yarn shop. And boy did I find one. Enter Shabby Motley Handcraft! They also serve the best coffee in town. Yum! Check them out on Instagram and Facebook. Here is a sneak peak of my visit. 


11 responses to “Can’t stay away from the yarn shop

  1. You’re in my ‘hood! The Soo is my hometown and I just moved back here a few months ago. Glad you found Shabby Motley. It’s the only real game in town and what a great place it is!

    • Heyyyyyy!!!! That’s awesome. My sister in law lives in the Soo and my hubby is from there too. 🙂 it’s a small world 🌎 😊
      I loved Shabby Motley!!! And the ladies who run it are so sweet.


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