My first mittens

I have been meaning to learn how to knit mittens for a long time.  Finally I found a very simple pattern on the Internet.  I can’t believe I haven’t tried this earlier 😆

13 responses to “My first mittens

      • I’m thinking of doing them in one colour (yes, I’m lazy). How much yarn altogether do you think I’ll use? I’ve got one ball of yarn which is begging to be made into something….

      • I’d say a ball should be enough. It really depends on the gage and size of needles. I used 4.5mm and one ball was enough for both. I am making really chunky ones now knitting with 8mm and it definitely needs more yarn. 🙂 Let me know how it goes. Have fun!

      • I cast in with a white/grey/black spun dk alpaca this morning. I’ve forgotten how soft that is 🙂
        I chose this as if one skein is not enough, it will be easy to add white and black stripes.
        I’m knitting it flat as I don’t have 4mm DPNs and the magic loop is just too fussy on a train +which is where I mostly knit!).

      • Ahh these will be beautiful. I’d love to see a pic when they are ready. That’s what I like about knitting… you start somewhere and you add your own style, modifications, adjustments and anything that works in your own circumstance… and the result is always amazing and unique.
        Don’t miss your train stop 😉
        (I’ve done it) 😆

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