Whole30: Day 5

I love leftovers.  I love freezing good cooked food (when possible of course) and reheat it later.  The flavours are even better. 😀  When you cook clean and use high quality products, it’s a shame wasting it just because you couldn’t finish your meal.  And I understand, no everyone can eat beef stew for 5 days straight 😀  So freezing good cooked meals is a great option.  And it saves you time later when you might not feel like cooking.  It also helps to keep your clean eating habits.  And of course the whole issue of wasting food really bothers me.  Saving it and eating it later definitely makes the experience … sweeter. 🙂

So here’s my menu for today:



  • Leftover salad: iceberg lettuce, orange bell pepper, green onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  I added a boiled egg to the salad too.
  • Desert: Coconut cashew bark + a cup of tea with fresh lemon juice

Mid-afternoon snack: watermelon! 😀


  • 1 bowl of Beef stew (a great recipe for an easy, delicious, and healthy meal; I didn’t have mushrooms so I skipped that, but I added more carrots and used a beef broth that I had in the freezer from another meal I made a month ago)
  • Desert: Oven roasted apples with fresh lemon juice, nuts & dried cranberries (+ a pinch of nutmeg & cinnamon) (yum!)

For a workout today I started a 5 day ab challenge.  After having 2 kids in 2 years my abs need lots of work 😀

So here is Day 1:

20 Reverse Crunches
30 Russian Twists
40 second Plank
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Scissors


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