Funny bunny

I’ve never knit animals or toys but when I saw this pattern, I thought I’d try.  It’s so much fun and it’s easy.  One thing I’d do differently next time though is put less filling in the head of the bunny.  A lot of filling makes it too heavy and the bunny always tips forward instead of standing upright.  It was definitely fun to make 🙂

I just want to mention that I used 3.75mm needles with this 5mm yarn.  This gave me a thicker knit so the the filling doesn’t show from underneath.  It worked really well.



15 responses to “Funny bunny

    • Nice!! 🙂 It’s so much fun to make 🙂 I bought the filling from my local sewing shop for $5. There’s so much that I have make 1000 bunnies. And it’s so quick too. 🙂


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