A beautiful memory

Last summer my parents came to visit from Bulgaria for the birth of my second son.  My mom brought some tulip bulbs that she got from bulbs that my grandma used to have in her garden.  After my grandma passed away, my mom saved most of her flowers and multiplied them.  So when she was here, my mom planted the bulbs in a pot on my patio and I’ve been watering them ever since.  This spring, after the sun and warm breeze did their magic, one of the bulbs grew into a beautiful tulip.  It is a very special flower.  It is as if my grandma came for a visit.  It is amazing that after more than 20 years and thousands of miles away from my home town, this little flower lives on and brings so much into our lives.  The positive energy of my grandma and her love of flowers, the warmth of my mom’s care who saved the bulbs, the beauty of a precious memory of family legacy.


3 responses to “A beautiful memory

  1. Your post touched me. I had to think of my grandmother and my eyes went moist. Thank you for touching me.

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